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Goodwill Workforce Development Program/Service Reviewed


Program:  Employee Development Services (EDS) – a program to help you develop or restore work skills through services available.

Program Specifics:

  • Persons who are not working due to a disability or have other factors keeping them from working.
  • Service Locations and Services:
    • 900 Air Base Boulevard (Main office) – orientation, intakes, work activities, work evaluations, employment development classes (job readiness), counseling related to work, job searching, job placement and follow-up.
    •  5318 Atlanta Highway (Career Connection) – assessment of basic information for persons referred only for placement, refresher classes related to employment development (job readiness), job searching, job placement and job follow-up.
  • Hours and Days of Operation:  Monday – Friday, 7:30-3:30. Each office may vary days and hours based on services provided.
  • Length of Services:  How long and how often the services will last are based on you.  Work evaluations or activities and classes as a rule last two weeks.  Classes last longer.  Services at Career Connection are based on your specific needs. Services are provided by Goodwill Workforce Development staff.
  • Cost of Services Provided:  There is a cost.  It is paid by the agency or person who referred you. This cost is reviewed yearly.  The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services is the main referring agency.  Payments paid to Goodwill Industries are based on results of your program; intake, placement, closed working. You may ask a staff member for the actual fees. 
  • Updates on Services:  Feedback is given to you. A review is done with you by a staff member when a service is completed.  Your referring source will be notified by phone and reports. If requested by you, updates are given to family members and other agencies.  Each person has a case review once a month by all Workforce Development staff.  You are encouraged to attend.
  • Review of Program Services:  This is done once per year.  Changes are made based on surveys, individual contacts, meetings, etc.   
  • Continuation of Services:   Service continuation will be based on your attendance, being on time, wearing appropriate clothing, maintaining hygiene, following program rules, and keeping staff updated on change of address and phone numbers.

We believe that work creates the economic energy that builds strong families and strong communities.