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Goodwill Industries Volunteer Services (G.I.V.S.)

Purpose of G.I.V.S.

The purpose of Goodwill Industries Volunteer Services is to acquaint the people of the greater Montgomery area with the works and needs of Goodwill Industries of Central Alabama, Inc., to promote the needs of donations for Goodwill, and to work with and for the employees and clients of Goodwill Industries of Central Alabama, Inc. for their welfare, health, and happiness.

Purpose of Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries mission is to provide training, vocational assistance, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities or other vocational problems which limit employment opportunities.

Who can be members of G.I.V.S?

The membership of G.I.V.S. shall be composed of women and men of the counties served by Goodwill Industries of Central Alabama, Inc. who wish to support the purposes of the organization.

Dues to be a member of G.I.V.S are $10.00 per year.

Goodwill Industries Volunteer Services (G.I.V.S) was founded in 1980, so this year marks 30 years that G.I.V.S. has been supporting Goodwill Industries with its mission.

We are always looking for new members to join our group of volunteers!

We meet around five times a year, but that number could increase depending on the events that we are working on.

During the meetings, we bring in various speakers throughout the community, and provide lunch for $10.00.

We usually meet at Goodwill’s main office located at 900 Air Base Blvd.

Our Volunteers assist with any fundraisers or special events for Goodwill